Safe Travels

There was a time when safe travel meant getting good drinking water and avoiding pick-pockets. Today it is a concept that pushes deep into our fears and intentions. Do we go? Do we wait? Will we be safe? In the wake of terror attacks across the globe, we consider travel risk in a different way. These questions might graze our minds. In this post I want to address two levels of self-protection: from terrorist attacks, and from ordinary crime. People…

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Real French for Travelers  by K. B. Oliver

Real French for Travelers

When you want to travel, you may reach for a phrase book. Let’s be honest: How likely are you to roll out a French phrase when you need one, and pronounce it correctly? If you are understood, what will you do for the next sentence? It’s simply frustrating. Wouldn’t you rather speak REAL French? With just a bit of regular time and effort, you can learn the basics of the French language, and this will greatly enrich your travels. And…

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Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris

by K. B. Oliver   Updated and Expanded, with 30 extra pages of things to do across Paris! Paris, France. The dream, the mystique, the magic. It is all that and more. Much more, in fact, than most tourist books will tell you. Whether it’s your first trip or one of a series, you want to see more than unforgettable icons like the Eiffel Tower. This booklet has both, updated information on the places you most want to see, as well…

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