Cassis, France: the Petit French Riviera

Cassis, France; Riviera, France travel

If you’re hitting the French Riviera but want to avoid the big glitzy destinations, don’t overlook Cassis, France. It’s kind of glitzy in its own way, but on a smaller scale. You can find it just east of Marseille on the southern coast touching the Mediterranean. It’s well-known for wines, beaches, and cliffs called calanques. Nearby is the cozy beach town of La Ciotat and between the two visit-worthy towns is Cap Canaille, the highest coastal point in France, and one…

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French Coastal Secrets #4: Juan-les-Pins and Antibes

Juan-les-Pins and Antibes. Maybe you’ve heard of Juan-les-Pins…or not…but it has the charm and energy of Nice, its nearby neighbor. It even has a curved beach which hosts many hotels, quite a few of them high-rises on the waterfront. This popular beach town sits just west of Antibes, on the Cap d’Antibes, a rounded peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean, somewhere between Cannes and Nice. The towns of Juan-les-Pins and Antibes are often grouped together on brochures and websites as if…

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French Coastal Secrets: #1 La Ciotat

La Ciotat. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the Riviera without the price and snob-appeal? To taste the South of France coastline without the packed beaches, the secret is to aim smaller. The next few posts will feature French coastal towns you might not have ever heard of. You can discover many of them tucked in between renowned destinations like Nice and St. Tropez. They are hidden treasures along the French Riviera, worth a serious look if you want a…

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