Real French for Travelers Online Course

Real French for Travelers 

You loved the book…. and now it’s an online course!

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Prepare now, before your trip, to speak French in restaurants, museums, and in stores the next time you travel to France. Chat with local people, ask for directions. It’s possible and easier than you think with a clear, compact, self-paced course online. You can fit French learning into your schedule instead of working around a traditional class or tutor. You can repeat lessons, practice pronunciation, and learn concepts as often as you like or need. (Try 2 sessions for free. Click on the link below.)

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  • An overview of basic French from zero all the way to the past tense to help you be operational on your trip
  • Travel-oriented and situational vocabulary
  • 13 dialogues of realistic travel situations
  • Downloadable reference sheets
  • Exercises for mastery with answer keys
  • Helpful travel tips throughout the course
  • Starter phrases after each lesson to give you a head-start in French
  • A comprehensive workbook for following along with the videos

Click HERE for more information and to view the full curriculum

You can be operational in French in 8 weeks. The course contains 42 lessons you can take at your own pace. If you take one lesson per day, 5 days a week, you’ll go through the course in 8 weeks. You can repeat the lessons as often as you like or need. You can fit it into your lifestyle. You CAN learn French!

I’ll be your personal teacher for every lesson. You’ll be proud of your progress. Whether you want to feel more confident as you travel or you want to build toward fluency, this course will help you because it’s not a phrasebook, it’s REAL French.

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Your personal French teacher!