Learn Travel French. It’s easier than you think!

When you visit France, you’ll feel more confident and enjoy your trip even more if you know some travel French. You’ll distinguish yourself from travelers who ask, “Do you speak English?” or request the tourist menu in English.
Here are several ways Oliver’s France can help you learn REAL travel French (instead of fake phrasebook French) step-by-step.

Real French for Travelers Online CourseThe Complete Course

Real French for Travelers

This is the best way to learn real French with proven building blocks, all from your home! This complete online video course will prepare you with correct grammar, pronunciation, and travel-focused vocabulary. Learn more. Click the option you’re interested in.



Foundations of Travel French  (Part 1 of the complete course)

This course lays down the basics of French and gets you on a firm footing. It’s the first half (roughly) of the complete course.



Situational Travel French  (Part 2 of the complete course)

This course takes you from where Foundations leaves off. If you’ve completed the Basic or have had French before, this course is for you!



Free Mini-Course: French Greetings and Polite Expressions

In this free online mini-course, you’ll learn to use polite vocabulary and greetings, how to pronounce them, and when to use them. You might not want to study the whole language, but learning polite words and greetings will open many doors for you as you travel!



Real French for Travelers (The BOOK)

If a book is more your style, you’ll find the main content of the course here in book form. Or, you can go through the online course and take the book along on your trip to remember important principles and vocabulary.