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(Trains, hotels, car travel and rental, excursions, language learning, etc.)

Train Travel

The train system is still called SNCF but Ouigo is the current nickname for it. Here’s your link for schedules and rates for TGV fast trains. For regional trains, click here.

You can check train itineraries and order tickets up to 3 months in advance. If you’re too early, they’ll email you as soon as the schedules are posted. See the French Train Savvy post for more.

Hotels I use this company every time I travel. They offer a huge variety of hotels and apartments all over France. They are convenient and competitive. They also have flights, car rental, and other helpful services in a one-stop site. Check out their banner on the sidebar.

Car travel

To calculate tolls, click Here. Calculating tolls is helpful in budgeting for your trip. Along with gas, tolls are significant in France, but you can still save money and have more freedom by renting a car.  See the post Driving in France: What You Need to Know for more helpful facts.

For car rentals, here is the company I use every time I travel to France. I have found them to have lots of choices and to be the most reasonable. They are available in many cities throughout France (and elsewhere, too!) Click on the banner below for more information.

Auto Europe Car Rentals


Paris Metro Map and information click HERE  (free)

Excursions and tours

Paris City Vision



Free Online Mini-Course

French Greetings and Polite Expressions for Travelers Be a polite traveler when you go to France, even if you don’t speak French. This FREE mini-course will show you how! Click on the link to get started.

Full-Length Online French for Travel Course

The Full-length online course based on Real French for Travelers.  CLICK HERE for full information and curriculum for the complete travel French course! Also available as Part 1 (If you only want the basics) or Part 2, (If you’ve had some French but want to review beyond basics.)

Real French for Travelers Full-Length Course

  • An overview of basic French (from zero!) so you’ll be operational on your trip
  • Travel-oriented vocabulary
  • Dialogues in realistic travel situations
  • Downloadable reference sheets
  • Exercises for mastery with answer keys
  • Helpful travel tips throughout the course
  • Starter phrases after each lesson to give you a head-start in French
  • Complete PDF workbook

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French Garden: The Loire Valley

A French Garden: The Loire Valley
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Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris

Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris
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