Brittany: An Array of Adventures


Is Brittany, France on your radar? It should be if you love picturesque villages, serene landscapes, great food, and smaller towns. What’s not to love?

You’ll find quite a few posts in Oliver’s France on Brittany. I’ll give you an overview so you can discover or rediscover all there is to do in Brittany. (Click on the title to learn more.) Then I’ll include some new ideas I’ve discovered as well.


Discover Brittany: An Overview

Brittany Charm: 8 Towns You Must See 

If you aren’t sure where to start for a great Brittany vacation, here are eight towns all over the Brittany region. Depending on your trip (for example, maybe you aren’t going as far, so you’ll focus on Eastern Brittany), you can choose few towns to visit.

St. Malo: A Treasure on the Coast of Brittany 

St. Malo is a must on any Brittany itinerary. This walled city on the northwest coast spills over with history. Today, it’s charming and small enough to enjoy every corner, not to mention near other special places like Dinan.

Dinan: My Favorite Place in Brittany

My first visit to Dinan enchanted me, but it was too quick, so I had to go back. (This is one of the first posts I wrote for Oliver’s France, which tells you how much I love Dinan!) The ramparts, the hilly cobbled streets, the lovely river… you’ll want to stay a while.

Eastern Brittany 

This post includes a brief historical overview of Brittany (so a good place to get oriented) but then takes you on a road trip through this stunning region, which includes must-see places like Le Mont St. Michel, St. Malo, and Dinan.

More details on Brittany road trips and others across France in the helpful guide, Hit the Road: 9 Road Trips Across France.

Western Brittany 

In the west, you see more iconic Brittany, with rocky coastlines and mysterious standing stones. Along with that, of course, many lovely towns will stay in your heart.

Brittany cliffside

Brittany cliffside


Hidden Beaches A coastal route you’ll enjoy runs along the famed Côte de Granite Rose (Pink Granite Coast.) Unforgettable beach towns and fishing villages (without the beach crowds of the south) await your discovery.

 Adventures Off the Beaten Path  Off the beaten path, you’ll find more treasures, including Carnac and Josselin in central Brittany.


What about a hiking or cycling adventure in Brittany?


Brittany is an ideal place for bicycling or walking, with its gently hilly terrain between picturesque villages. Feet or wheels on the ground, you’ll have a unique experience.

You can create your own itinerary, but in a foreign country, it’s easier to get help. Tour companies that specialize in walking or cycling tours choose the best itineraries for you according to their knowledge of the area. They can also provide housing, bike rental, meals, transfers, and excursions.

Pricing for these trips reflects whatever is included. Choose self-guided, where you get an itinerary, transfers, housing, and breakfast. Or choose guided tours. Some tours include everything…all the above plus bike rental and helmets, for cycling tours. Others are more bare bones, providing housing and an itinerary for a self-guided option. You can choose according to your preferences, timing, and budget.

Here are some options available (for your info, not vetted by Oliver’s France.) These companies offer guided or self-guided trips. Guided trips are in small groups. Some early booking discounts are available.

Mac’s Adventures (Self-guided; walking or cycling)

  • Provides self-guided itineraries in various parts of France (Loire Valley, Canal du Midi, Brittany Granite coast, etc.)
  • For walking or biking.
  • Costs between $1500 and $2000. for 6 days; Brittany starts at $1645.


Backroads (Guided cycling and hiking)

  • Includes bikes, tours, hotels, most meals, transports.
  • Cost is around $5000. for 6 days.


The Natural Adventure (Self-guided)

  • Self-guided.
  • Starting at $875. for 8 days/7 nights.
  • Includes itinerary & hotels, breakfasts, transfers. Doesn’t include bike rental, excursions, and other meals.


Exodus Adventure Travel (Guided bike tours)

  • Tours available in Brittany, Provence, Burgundy, Corsica by EBike, or the Loire Valley.
  • To Brittany and Normandy, a guided bike tour is available for around $3100.
  • Costs between $3000-6000. for 7 days for fully guided trips. For self-guided trips, cost is between $2000-3000.
  • Includes all breakfasts and 2 dinners (depends on trip), housing, transfers. check miles traveled to see if you can do it. (up to 30 miles, for example)


As you can see, there are many ways to see Brittany, something for every taste and adventure level. Road trips, bike trips, walking trips and more. It’s worth planning a trip in the near future!

Brittany Flag

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