Studying French in France

Everyone knows the best way to learn a language is to live in the country. But maybe you aren’t able to pull up roots and move to France so you can practice with the locals and pick up new vocabulary...

French Greetings: Free Mini-Course (and other news)

Free French Mini-Course! Bonjour! Maybe you’re planning a trip to France in the future, or maybe you simply love the French language.  There is a special tool I have developed for you. It is the FREE online mini-course called French...

A French Festival Near You

Whatever time of year you visit France, there will be a French festival happening somewhere. Even in the dead of winter, you’ll find a festive gathering, such as a music festival or a Christmas market. Here’s a summary of festivals...

Adventures on the France-Spain Border

The France side of the France-Spain border might be out of your way, but it’s well worth the detour. In this southwest corner, you’ll discover a wide variety of towns and experiences, from glitzy beaches to pilgrimage sites. Starting in...

Bordeaux… More Than Wine

When you hear the name Bordeaux, most people think of wine or vineyards… St. Emilion, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec…enough to make you reach for a stemmed glass and a chunk of cheese. But you might be amazed to know other...

Come visit Oliver's France

It’s a new destination, yet one soaked in history, adventure, and magic. From bustling cities to medieval villages, and so much in between, each of France’s regions has a unique personality. You’ll need to make many trips to explore them all. Oliver’s France will help you do that, with guidebooks, blog posts, language resources, and friendly, experienced help from a long term France resident, K. B. Oliver.

I hope you’ll join me! I’ll do my best to be a helpful tour-guide for your favorite places, and those you’ve never thought about…those off-the-track spots you might not have read about in a tourist book. It’s about discovery…of the magic of France!
Dinan: A Treasure in Brittany
Dinan: A Treasure in Brittany
Dinan is my favorite town in Brittany. In fact, it was the first post I wrote for Oliver’s France. Enjoy it again and make plans to go! There are many rolling hills and peaceful landscapes in Brittany. Even here in the midst of this lush, unspoiled land, there are towns that require a visit. Dinan…
7 Places in France you Must Visit
7 Places in France you Must Visit
Although there are literally hundreds of wonderful places to see in France, here are 7  places in France you must visit. These are world-renowned for a good reason! Find a few here to add to your Must-See Places in France List! Le Mont St. Michel (with a side trip to Dinan) On the border of…
7 Less Well-Known Museums in Paris Worth your Time
7 Less Well-Known Museums in Paris Worth your Time
Maybe you’ve already seen the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. You’re in the mood for a different kind of museum. There are many museums in Paris that are less well-known by tourists. These museums are fascinating and memorable and even sometimes “off-the-beaten-track”. (Not much in Paris is!) Here are SEVEN listed by topic along with where…

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