Staying Overnight in France

France Hotels and More. There are many options for lodging when you visit France. In one of my previous posts, A Twist on French Lodging, I wrote about Gîtes, Chambre d’Hôtes, and Villas. In this post, you’ll learn even more great housing options: apartments, boutique...

Gorge du Verdon and Surrounding Marvels

The Gorge du Verdon in Provence, France, is nestled in the Regional Natural Park of Verdon. The surrounding landscape is nearly as stunning as this river canyon carved over millennia into the mountain. The most remarkable thing about the gorge is the bright turquoise...

Rail Vacations through France

Traveling through France by train provides many advantages. First, you can view the scenery as it passes by. Train travel is very relaxing and smooth. You’re traveling but you can snooze, read, play board games or watch movies on your iPad as you go. It’s a great way...

Christmas in Paris!

Merry Christmas from Paris! Surrounding you and extending all the way down the Champs Elysées to the Arc of Triumph is a glowing river of color, making you forget the chill in the air. Lights wink at you from the trees lining the majestic avenue, and it seems...

Loches & Angers: Two Ends of the Loire Valley

Today Oliver’s France highlights two towns, Angers and Loches, both in the Loire Valley. You might not have heard much about them but should definitely visit. These two towns lie at opposite ends of the famed valley of Renaissance castles and are vastly different from...

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The Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace Wine Route If you like wine, that’s only half the pleasure of following a wine route in of the best-known wine cultivation regions of France. The other half is all about the place itself. Medieval villages...

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Unforgettable Strasbourg

Unforgettable Strasbourg

Unforgettable Strasbourg Strasbourg embodies the old Alsatian culture, which is a curious blend of French and German, yet unique, as well as the cutting-edge vitality of a world-class city. It’s a city of students,...

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Travel and Language Resources

Hit the Road: Free eBook!

There’s something special about seeing France by car. The freedom to set your pace, to see the out-of-the way places. Here are 5 Made-for-You road trips in 5 of the loveliest regions of France. Free 34-page eBook. Just rent a car and go!

Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris

Magical Paris: The places you most want to see, as well as places you’ve never read about anywhere. Magical Paris gives both, not just tourist hubs, but ALL of Paris. All across Paris…discover the magic.

A French Garden: The Loire Valley

Here’s a place you might see only in your dreams, but it’s just an hour south of Paris … the Loire Valley. This is your guide for this enchanted place, with all you’ll need for an unforgettable trip.

Real French for Travelers Online Course

Learn travel French online…a great way to prepare for your trip to France! Whether you’re starting from zero or needing a good review, this course fits your schedule. It’s yours to keep. Click the image to learn more.

FREE French Mini-Course: Polite Words and Expressions

Get ready for your trip to France with this FREE online mini-course covering polite words and expressions. Video lessons will tell you how, what, and when to say polite expressions and greetings in France.

Real French for Travelers: The Book

When you go to France, why grab your phrasebook when you can learn REAL French? Simple chapters will take you from zero to past tense in clear lessons. Tons of travel vocabulary, too! (Also in online course)

Regions of France

Everything under the sun . . .

More things to do in France and travel tips, too! 

Along with travel tips that will help you have a great trip, there are many activities you can do in France. (Hiking, biking, boating, cooking classes, language study vacations . . . ) Have a look at this Alphabetical List (click the button) to find what you’re looking for!