Five Impressive Monuments Outside of Paris

Amazing historical French monuments exist across the country. We’ve seen many in Paris but here are five notable examples of visible history in other parts of France: Le Mont St. Michel in Normandy, Abbey Fontevraud in the Loire Valley(Plantagenet burial place), the...

Three Monuments in Paris: Place de la Concorde, Louvre, and Sacre Cœur

Paris is full of monuments. Much of French history was played out right here near the flowing Seine River. We’ll look at three significant monuments, each one targeting specific cultural and historical events you’ll want to know about as you tour Paris. Today’s post...

French Monuments: A Château, A Cathedral, and a Tower

French Monuments: A Château, A Cathedral, and a Tower French monuments embody centuries of culture and history, the actions and events that shaped present-day France. There’s a reason they are recognized and receive so many visitors each year. Today we’ll look at...

Two French Monuments: L’Arc de Triomphe and La Sainte Chapelle

French Monuments and Two in Particular France attracts 70 million visitors a year. France would like to see this reach 100 million, though this goal was postponed for 2 years by Covid. Here in Spring 2022, we see monuments, museums, and almost everything fully open...

The 10 Best Parks in Paris

Don't you Love Parks? Paris has the Best! In a city of 2 million residents, the need for more housing (not to mention financial opportunity) didn’t prevent the French government from prioritizing green spaces.  Paris parks are not plots of grass or playing fields. The...

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French Market Culture: Buying Fresh in France!

French Market Culture: Buying Fresh in France!

French Market Culture When I lived in Paris, I had a weekly routine for buying fresh fruits and veggies at the French market. I took my wheeled canvas bag down the elevator and headed out to the local bi-weekly market....

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Avignon: The 7 Best Things to Do

Avignon: The 7 Best Things to Do

No trip to Provence would be complete without a visit to Avignon, often called the gateway to Provence. In fact, you will likely need to take a train from Paris to Avignon to get there before moving on to any other...

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Walking Tours in France

Walking Tours in France

Anytime you go to France, you’re likely to be on your feet. Taking comfortable shoes is the first advice you’ll get, and good advice it is. Walking tours take your feet and experiences to the next level, as you observe...

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Hit the Road: Free eBook!

There’s something special about seeing France by car. The freedom to set your pace, to see the out-of-the way places. Here are 5 Made-for-You road trips in 5 of the loveliest regions of France. Free 34-page eBook. Just rent a car and go!

Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris

Magical Paris: The places you most want to see, as well as places you’ve never read about anywhere. Magical Paris gives both, not just tourist hubs, but ALL of Paris. All across Paris…discover the magic.

A French Garden: The Loire Valley

Here’s a place you might see only in your dreams, but it’s just an hour south of Paris … the Loire Valley. This is your guide for this enchanted place, with all you’ll need for an unforgettable trip.

Real French for Travelers Online Course

Learn travel French online…a great way to prepare for your trip to France! Whether you’re starting from zero or needing a good review, this course fits your schedule. It’s yours to keep. Click the image to learn more.

FREE French Mini-Course: Polite Words and Expressions

Get ready for your trip to France with this FREE online mini-course covering polite words and expressions. Video lessons will tell you how, what, and when to say polite expressions and greetings in France.

Real French for Travelers: The Book

When you go to France, why grab your phrasebook when you can learn REAL French? Simple chapters will take you from zero to past tense in clear lessons. Tons of travel vocabulary, too! (Also in online course)

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More things to do in France and travel tips, too! 

Along with travel tips that will help you have a great trip, there are many activities you can do in France. (Hiking, biking, boating, cooking classes, language study vacations . . . ) Have a look at this Alphabetical List (click the button) to find what you’re looking for!