9 Beautiful Streets in Paris


Paris has many beautiful streets. You’ll likely see headlines such as “Paris’ prettiest streets” in travel blogs. Quite honestly, it would be difficult to say which streets are THE prettiest, but here are 9 of them you should visit, because they’re lovely and you won’t forget them! They’re all over the city, so it’ll help you explore different neighborhoods.


Quai de Bourbon (4th)

  1. Quai de Bourbon (4th,  Ile de Saint Louis) I love wandering the Ile de Saint Louis, the smaller of the two islands in the Seine. Its ancient charm certainly qualifies it as a beautiful street, especially the Quai that encircles the whole island. It changes names a few times, but one is Quai de Bourbon, which overlooks the river as from a cliffside. There’s even a shaded bench where you can have a picnic. On the other side of the island, it’s called Quai de Béthune, where Marie Curie used to live.

Quai de Bourbon



Rue Abreuvoir (18th)

  1. Rue Abreuvoir (18th) This hilly street in the middle of Montmartre is best known for the pink house, La Maison Rose, which is a memorable café and often photographed. Wander this area for many more interesting streets. Tip: Distance yourself from the Basilica to discover a lot of charming places.


Rue de Rapp (7th)

  1. Rue de Rapp (7th) On this road the first thing to mention is views of the Eiffel Tower which you’ll see from the bridge as you arrive on metro Pont de l’Alma. Also on this wide upscale street are buildings in the Art Nouveau style, notably number 29. This is the famed Lavirotte Building, built between 1899 and 1901.

Lavirotte Building on Rue Rapp


Rue Montorgeuil (1st & 2nd)

  1. Rue Montorgeuil (1st & 2nd) Others have found this pedestrian street scenic enough to paint, impressionist painters like Claude Monet and Camille Pissaro. The street emanates a concentration of energy as you weave around plenty of crowds taking in the busy market atmosphere. It’s a very central and iconic beautiful street, and you shouldn’t miss it during your visit!


Rue Montorgeuil

Rue Chanoinesse (4th)

  1. Rue Chanoinesse (4th) You’ll find this curved street on the east end of the Ile de la Cité. Note the different centuries represented by the architecture. From Rue Chantres (a tiny street near the middle) and from where it joins Rue Massillon, you should see the spires of Notre Dame. (I say “should” because these are the reconstructed spires, and at the time of this post, I haven’t seen them yet!) Also on Rue Chanoiness is a place you may have seen in many photos (so get yours!) At number 24, you’ll see Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole. It’s an inn that dates from 1594 and was occupied for a little while by Pope Clement VIII when he was only a canon.


Square de Montsouris (14th)

  1. Square de Montsouris (14th) This area may seem far-flung, but if you’re headed to the south edge of Paris in the 14th for the Montparnasse Tower,

    Square Montsouris

    for example, you may want to include a walking tour nearby. Hope on line 4 going south to the Porte d’Orléans stop. Off Avenue Reille you’ll find the Square de Montsouris. This short street is like a small village with picturesque homes. Nearby is the Parc Montsouris, which you shouldn’t miss while you’re here.


Rue Crémieux (12th)

  1. Rue Crémieux (12th) This colorful street isn’t far from the Bastille area. The nearest metro is Quai de la Râpée (Line 5.) Rue Crémieux is a short street that parallels Rue Ledru Rollin. Enjoy the village feel and candy-colored homes, a quiet place in a busy Paris. (pictured top)


Quai de St. Bernard (5th)

8. Quai de St. Bernard (5th) This is a personal favorite, not necessarily a “pretty street” in the classic sense, but a promenade you’ll enjoy along a less busy section of the Seine. If you’re visiting the Jardin des Plantes or other spots in the 5th, take a breather along this calm riverwalk. Enjoy the outdoor sculptures. If you keep walking you’ll touch the 13th where you’ll see outdoor cafes and a floating pool, La Piscine Josephine Baker (open all year.)



Rue St. Rustique (18th)

  1. Rue St. Rustique 18th This is the oldest street in Montmartre and one of the oldest in Paris. Stroll down this narrow, cobbled lane and you’ll see an impressive close-up view of the Sacre Coeur Basilica between medieval buildings. It isn’t hard to imagine medieval Paris when you’re there.

Rue Rustique


This short list will give you lots of lovely photos and unforgettable memories of the beautiful streets of Paris! To experience more of ALL of Paris (and discover walking tours to guide you to even more pretty streets), check out Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to do Across Paris (Newly Updated!)