French for Travelers

If you have travel plans (this year or in the future) to France, consider this: If you can speak even a small amount of French in stores, restaurants, and hotels, you’ll enjoy your trip even more, because you’ll feel more like an insider. Not only that, you’ll receive a warmer welcome from the local people. Why? Because they’ll see you’re not only visiting their country, but you’re making an effort to communicate in their language.

Another reason to learn some travel French is you’ll feel more in control of your trip because you’ll understand signs, restaurants, and directions. If you have a problem or get lost, you can find solutions easier when you speak some French.


You may wonder, why bother?

“I can get by in English…” you may say. Since France offers endless places worth visiting all over the country, you’ll want to make more trips in the future. Yes, you’ll use your French, especially when you get away from the big cities. Don’t rely on English…anyone can do that! It’s not as hard as you may think. Even knowing only the polite words and phrases in French will be greatly appreciated.


Dip your toes into the French language in a non-intimidating way.

You can even wade in a little deeper if you want. I’ve developed some tools specifically for travelers. It’s not a phrase book, but an online course for  REAL French. That’s why this online course is called Real French for Travelers. Even if you don’t want to learn French, read on (I promise, it’s short.)

There are 3 formats for the course. Choose whatever fits your situation. (And the course will be yours forever.)  Learn more or read on.

The full program will take you from zero to speaking in the past tense. Listen as many times as you like to pronunciation (the hardest part of French), learning when and how to say things. You’ll love all the lists of travel-related vocabulary too.

The full course includes 42 video lessons with an accompanying manual of over 100 pages. You’ll also get cheat sheets, quick-start phrases, and listening practice to understand some of what you hear. Not many traditional programs include that. (To see the curriculum, click on “Full Course” below and scroll down.)

Learn more about the FULL COURSE

But maybe that’s too much. You can buy the first part of the program if you only want the basics. It’s a little over half of the entire course. Check into the FOUNDATIONS Course (Part 1).

What if you’ve got the basics of travel French and want to go further? The second half of the course, Situational French, is also available separately. Learn more about SITUATIONAL French (Part 2).

Whatever your level, you’ll find Real French for Travelers gives you step-by-step easy-to-understand grammar explanations and clear pronunciation. Learn more about this online learning opportunity, one you can easily fit into your schedule whenever you want. Created with the traveler in mind.

Prepare for your trip by learning travel French.

Also available as a print book or eBook.

And here is a Free Course

Free mini-course for polite words and expressions. Click HERE for the free course.