Road Trips Through France

(Some of the content of this post comes from Hit the Road in France: 9 Road Trip Itineraries through France. Updated and Expanded.)


 Road trips are a great way to see France up close. You can get into the fabric of the culture and make lasting memories, all on your timetable. Beats following the schedule of a tour or train route!

There are a lot of reasons to try road trips across France. Here are six more.


Six Reasons to Take a Road Trip in France


 Road trips in France can be your most wonderful memories. Here are six reasons you’ll want to consider taking a road trip the next time you visit France or at some point in the future.


  1. When you take a road trip, you’re the one in control. You’ve rented a car, so you’re free to come and go, be impulsive, or change your mind. You can plan as you wish and discover places that may be new to you (and possibly not even in your travel guide!


  1. You can discover delightful places you encounter as you’re on your way somewhere else. Make an unscheduled stop and create a new memory.

  1. Access places you might have a hard time reaching by train, because of their fixed itineraries and timetables.


  1. Visit smaller villages or coastal gems that aren’t easily served by a train. (Or maybe because that picture-perfect walled medieval village is perched on a mountainside.)


  1. You can save money if you have several people traveling together. Gas and tolls in France can be expensive. But when you divide these costs by the number of people you’re traveling with, it may actually end up costing less per person. Having a car enables you to drive on national roads instead of autoroutes, thereby skipping tolls. Besides those savings, in most smaller towns, you’ll pay less for meals, museums, excursions, and hotels.


  1. Traveling by car enables you to see many interesting places that are close together. This is especially important when you only have one week or 10 days. You’ll want to get the most from your time! And THAT is the beauty of the book (below), to give you suggested itineraries to places that are in the same general area. It’s an efficient way to vacation.


At this point, you may wonder how long it would take to plan a road trip itinerary, how many hours of research, how many maps and online sites you’d need to consult.



Here’s a tool that will help…a lot!


Last year I published Hit the Road: 9 Road Trip Itineraries Across France. The idea was to save you hours of time in planning the basic outline of your trip. It’s small enough to take with you and available in eBook as well.

That book provided valuable information on putting together road trips through some of the most memorable and stunning regions of France. All along, I wanted that book to become bigger and more helpful to travelers. I did not add more road trips, but rather, more information, more updates, and more ideas to each road trip already in the book. It includes tips on driving in France, car rentals and how they fit into the road trip, and navigating French highways and side roads. Although the book contains fifty percent more information, it’s still compact and easy to take along.

The book sports a brand-new cover too! I know you’ll find it helpful as you Hit the Road in France.

Learn More about Hit the Road in France.

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