Fresh Ideas for France Travel from Oliver’s France

I hope your summer is going even better than you expected, with the Covid reality still with us. Some travel has resumed, but much international travel hasn’t yet. We travelers are impatient and eager to get going, aren’t we? But we sometimes have to wait. However, we won’t be idle as we wait.

Oliver’s France won’t be idle, either. In the coming month, I plan to overhaul (and freshen up!) the appearance of Oliver’s France. The site will be available as is until the new version is ready, so please do visit!

I hope you’ve enjoyed OF so far! I need your help to plan more great posts.

Can you take a moment to give feedback in the comments on the following questions?

  • 1- Are the posts too long?
  • 2- What do you like best/least about the posts?
  • 3- Would you like to see them laid out differently?
  • 4- What other features would be helpful for you?
  • 5- What would make you want to visit more often?
  • 6- What topics would you like to see in Oliver’s France?
  • 7- Do you have other helpful comments, suggestions, or compliments of Oliver’s           France?

Your feedback would help me greatly as I strive to make Oliver’s France a place you love to visit. I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me in the comments.

A Bit of History

The first post for Oliver’s France was published in May, 2016. The subject, Dinan, which happens to be my favorite town (so far) in Brittany. What came after that was 5 additional years of posts uniquely about France and if you have a good look, you’ll see a LOT of content on almost every topic and region!

Oliver’s France overflows with practical tips and ideas from a former France resident in articles that give you REAL information (not just salesy paragraphs between enormous photos and lots of ads, as you’ll find in so many travel blogs. You know what I mean….)

The goal of Oliver’s France is to help you plan and enjoy your trip, as well as discover lots of new things. You won’t find ads and very few affiliates. Instead, you’ll see all kinds of valuable resources (posts, itineraries, travel tips, books, language courses) to help you plan the best trip to France possible.

Oliver’s France will give you loads of ideas in posts and travel books. In addition, there are online tools to help you learn French, if that’s something you’d love to do. You can take the Free mini-course to perfect your greetings and polite words, or you can use the present opportunity to learn travel French with an online course before you travel to France.

Here’s some information on those courses

French Greetings and Polite Expressions: Free Mini-Course

Real French for Travelers Complete Online Course

And here are some posts you may enjoy perusing as you plan your future trip to France!

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While you’re at it, don’t forget to download the FREE eBook (see sidebar) that gives you 5 fully designed and planned road trips all around France.

I hope to hear your ideas and thoughts about Oliver’s France. And I hope you’ll visit often! There are a lot of ideas for many trips to come!


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