Do you have travel fever?

With all the talk of France opening up, as it will soon to vaccinated or virus-free visitors from select countries, you may be thinking about what your next trip will be like. Will you head to the beaches, to Paris, to the Alps, or one of the wine regions?france travel

There are so many choices, so I’ve compiled over 25 regional and topical posts that will present some new ideas for you as you dream about your trip. Some are regional ideas, some are road trip itineraries. Then there are creative ideas like boating or biking where you’ll get plenty of tips on where to start.

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Visit the West of France

There is a lot to see in the west of France, whether the far reaches of Brittany of the southwest, where you can sample Bordeaux wines or head down to the Spanish border.

Bordeaux: More than Wine

Adventures on the France-Spain Border

Dordogne: A Southwest Wonder

La Rochelle: Medieval Port on the Atlantic

St. Malo: A Treasure on the North Coast

Visit the East of France

You may be a nature bug with a long-standing desire to see the Alps, the Jura mountain area, or the gorgeous town of Annecy with its pristine lake and medieval center crisscrossed by canals.

Le Jura: A Natural Wonder in the East

A French Alps Vacation

Annecy: Jewel of the Alps

Go East to Alsace

Discovering Lyon

A Twist on Paris

Of course, you’ll want to visit Paris, but maybe you’ve been a few times and want to see the less-touristy side. Or, what if you just have 3 days? I have you covered, there’s a post on that too.

10 Day Trips Under 2 Hours from Paris

10 Unexpected Places to Visit in Paris

3 Days in Paris

La Defense: Another World

A Different Type of Trip

Now here are some creative ideas that’ll make your trip to France not only unusual but unforgettable.

A Cooking Vacation in France

Biking in France: A Change of Pace

Cruising French Waters

Studying French in France 

Visit the North

There’s much to see in the northern part of France amidst the rolling hills of Normandy and Brittany. Here are a few towns and tours you’ll love.

Rouen: Gateway to Normandy 

The Northern Tip: Beach Tour

Hidden Beaches of Brittany

A Normandy Road Trip

 Visit Provence

Isn’t Provence everyone’s favorite? And for good reason. The climate is nearly perfect, the southern French charm of towns and villages will keep you taking photos.

A Tour Through the Luberon: Provence, France

Marseille and Beyond

Nice: A Warm Heart in France

Coastal Secrets # 4: Juan-les-Pins and Antibes


These ideas should get you started! Happy trip planning!

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